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Marissa is really amazing at what she does. We have been working with her for a long time and could not be happier with the results she delivers. It is a great feeling to google your company's name and find you take up the entire first page of results! I have to admit, I know very little about on-line media site/programs so I am very grateful that Marissa is there to take care of this really important part of our advertising campaign. I highly recommend hiring her company to help you grow your business!

/  Colin S. in Niantic /


Best Marketing Decision I’ve Made All Year! I’ve already gone from “nowhere land” to page 1-2 for my main keywords and already see more traffic being driven to my site. It’s important to note that my competitors spend up to $100 acquiring each customer and they have the most talented marketers working for them. I no longer feel behind with Marissa on my team. She even helped me with more event-driven efforts like ranking for holiday food-related gift lists - just in time!

She even helped me with UX, tightening up our copy, and having more impactful CTAs to make sure that our traffic lead to a higher conversion rate. This was truly above and beyond your typical SEO expert and felt more like having another co-founder, to be honest. I am excited to learn what else Marissa can help us with! I plan to leverage her expertise as much as she has time for!

/  Rachael L. in Sunnyvale, CA /


Working with Marissa has been fantastic! She provides creative, analytical and strategic advice and knows her social media platforms backwards and forwards. It has been an awesome experience. I'm looking forward to working with her again in the future!

/  Elizabeth E. in Panama /


Marissa is determined, creative and enthusiastic. Hire Marissa and get the kind of personal care and commitment you deserve to meet all of your company's social media, design and operational needs.

/  Eileen M. in Framingham /


Marissa Avila, Owner

Marissa's expertise is in the intricacies of small business management, with an emphasis on website design, social media, and internal operations and procedures.  Working with small businesses for over 10 years, her strength lies in her ability to highlight and feature the core qualities and uniqueness of every client.  She received her bachelor's degree from Wellesley College. 

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